a quantitative update on frascati & nepi
February 24, 2016

i have decided to end my official term with the paideia institute, to freelance full-time. it's possible that i contradict my society's moral expectation of the general ability to commit. i tend to believe that this expectation comes from an anxiety regarding success, and its achievement. i have practiced success as self-consideration for years now, to the extent that i believe i am successful here in frascati, dwindling days away in listening to eragon's audiolibro. i have just started dan brown's the da vinci code, which i have never read in english.

during my time with paideia, i have worked on a number of projects, including the creation of their new nationbuilder site, version 1 of a latin reader for ios, and a browser extension for translating latin and greek (currently available on chrome, soon to be also available for safari). i've also been writing python and google apps scripts now and then to help out with some of paideia's internal operations.

at least until april 15th, i will be developing a proof-of-concept system for an australian start-up. the following are my choice of technologies:

  • a hapi server connected to a mysql database, with redis cache. accessible via an api endpoint using jwt authentication.
  • an admin web application using react for front-end, and redux for state management. server-side rendering from the hapi api, data pulled via http requests (will perhaps add bidirectional communication via socket.io at a later stage).
  • an ios client that pulls data from the api, using react-native. if time constrains / react native challenges, i may also use native swift components.
  • a basic andriod client that pulls data from the api. hopefully will not have to write native java, as i have very limited experience with android development per se.

i have a couple of smaller gigs outside of this core project, including a wordpress site and another react-redux app.

i live now in frascati, a little town just outside of rome, and in march will be moving to nepi. i currently live with three italian nurses (male), and get my culinary goods from the eurospin that lies twenty paces from my front door. i have acquired an italian cookbook that i sometimes consult when i cook. more often i just throw vegetables in the pan and experiment with sauces, pastes, pastas. i read or listen to italian for a lot of the day, reviving my childhood in eragon, or catching up on pop culture with il trono di spade (game of thrones). sometimes i go out or play poker with my roommates. the other night we made a big pot of tiramisu in mourning for gianni's failed exam. it is sitting dangerously in the fridge as we speak.

i am still attempting to read history, via the penguin history of the world. i have just arrived at the rise of christianity in the western world at the decline of the roman empire, soon to move beyond into this classical past that i have been trapped in for the entirety of my lack of historical education (cf. my winnings in the auckland university latin speaking competition, circa 2012). i also have a copy of david cannanine's history beyond our differences on my desk, as well as foster wallace's infinite jest, but i have barely opened either.

other ideas floating in my to-do list include an acapella arrangement of postmodern jukebox's creep, a properly constructed (and inevitably poorly curated) online archive of my activities this year (of which i have been keeping track), some proper study of functional programming & machine learning, many of the books listed on the initial syllabus i wrote for this year, and a structured commitment to open source projects.

this afternoon, i think i will read daenerys' chapter of game of thrones, and then make an ios scaffold for the react native app listed in bullets above. and work out at my standard time in the afternoon.

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