in aotea
November 14, 2015

my thoughts are with you in paris

red is the world
white washes the streets
blue are the victims

raise hell through the windows
there is no flight, no eagle, no victory
i am watching water boil

murder at the bataclan
i was delighted that the
chocolate cost me only sixty cents

what if i were the french president
woken by the suicide
and so many new emails

i am not drunk nor despaired
people sing in parliament
i make pasta and put it with pesto

there is blood in their espressos
armed guards to watch the happy hour
my water is ready on the stove

how can they think this is a theatre?
is tragedy an art for them?
can a true god not hear screams in french?

what belief have these people
the illegally in europe
the law that let the horror in

my crisis is hunger
i will not die for my beliefs
i will not die from your bullets

arrest them, war, arrest them
my conscience, beyond the barricade
and i am in aotea

in france it was yesterday
in syria it is now
this is our civilisation

blue are the victims
white washes the streets
red is the world

author Lachlan Kermode

Written by Lachlan Kermode who lives and works in Princeton. You should check out his Resume, GitHub, or Twitter.