Update on the Anatomy of This Website
July 24, 2016

My website used to run through a very fragile and patchwork blog engine that I wrote in Javascript, which rendered a React application from a simple server. This server pulled Markdown and JSON files from a GitHub repo and injected them into a React application. I wanted this setup so that I could content manage my blog through GitHub, and render it as a React applicationx.

I recently came across Gatsby, a much better implementation of my old website engine's concept. This site is now a static site that is generated using Gatsby. That is to say, the site is HTML, CSS and Javascript pages that are generated from Markdown and other file types by a process that runs on my computer when I am developing. The site is hosted on GitHub pages, which means that when I want to make changes, I still just push to a GitHub repo.

This is a much cleaner and more flexible setup! Thank the higher power for Gatsby.

author Lachlan Kermode

Written by Lachlan Kermode who lives and works in Princeton. You should check out his Resume, GitHub, or Twitter.